Saturday, October 11, 2008

… Celebrating SILVER day in Chicago …

Friday night, just before I went to sleep and my birthday ends in Philippine time zone, Pete called me and told me that he is waiting downstairs to pick me up. What a surprise! So I immediately packed all the things I needed for the whole weekend because for sure I’m gonna stay there . When we arrived at Pete’s home , he asked me if I can troubleshoot his computer. HAHAHA…So Kuya Pete , you picked me up at my apartment in the middle of the night just to fix your computer stuffs… I’m so touched ..hahaha…I’m just kiddin. So after 4 hours of escalating all the resources I need and debugging all the computer problems, it’s time to take a rest. It’s already 4:00am…waaaahhh…I need to reserve my energy for my birthday.
I woke up around 7:30am and my bed still pulling me down. I’m so lazy and I don’t want to stand up but I need to prepare coz I received a text message from Jun that he 'll probably be coming around 9am. Ok , I have no choice. I need to energize these sleepy veins. After preparing myself, I waited for almost 3 hours, what a heck!!! I get up in bed early just to wait for you for almost 3 hours. GRrrrr.

I have no idea how my birthday celebration here in USA goes. Coz usually when I celebrate my birthday in Philippines, I just prepare some foods and of course, a truck of booze…hahaha…I want every guest to get drunk and hammered. That’s it. But here, come what may.

When Jun arrived , we immediately went to the stores to buy some pizzas, chicken, cake and sodas to celebrate my birthday at their house. But I almost forgot that tomorrow is Tatay Nono’s birthday. WOW…double celebration. Mimi also bought a cake for us. Thanks a lot Mimi.

After we celebrated Tatay Nono and my birthday , we went to Milwaukee to attend Danny’s birthday. I have a lot of birthday celebrations..hahaha.. During Danny’s party, Ate Hope told everyone that it's also my birthday so they sang a Birthday song for me…WOW… I teased and asked them “by the way where’s my cake with candle? I'm supposed to have a cake"...hahaha…coz today is my birthday...

After all those birthday celebrations Kuya Pete decided to go to Excalibur, the famous disco bar here in Chicago. COOL!!! I like that idea, coz it’s almost a year since the last time I attended a disco party. I can’t imagine what kind of disco bar they have here in US that’s why I’m really excited what’s gonna happen.

Before we went to Excalibur we took a power nap coz I have no more energy and it’s too early to go to the bar. Then we woke up around 9:30pm. We dropped off Ate Hope at her office and picked up Levi before we go to Excalibur.

At the entrance door, there were lots of yuppies chatting while smoking. Ok this is It. This is the bar I imagined earlier. Overcrowded but underdressed. Hahaha… We tried to inquire how much is the entrance fee, and they told me that the place has a tree levels. COOL…so 10 bucks for the 1 st level, 20 for the 2 nd and 35 for the last. Expensive? No its ok coz it’s my birthday. Hehehe

Before we enter the bar we decided to have some booze at Hardrock cafĂ©. It’s only a block away from Excalibur. When we got there, Mr. Hell entertained us. He’s a Johnny Depp waiter look-alike. We teased him by asking where are the other pirates" …hahaha… They also told Mr. Hell that we’re celebrating my birthday so he immediately asked me what kind of shot I want. He told me, he will give me a free shot coz it’s my birthday. Great! So I said give me your best and hard shot. Hehehe

After he took our orders, he brought me the shot and I asked him what kind of shot it is. He whispered “its liquid cocaine” …bwahahaha… This will electrify all my nerves…hahaha.. Before I take the shot he invited me to go upstairs in front of all the guests inside the bar. He shouted extremely to get everyone's attention. Mr. Hell, are you insane? Hehehe. I know you just need a sense of humor to get their attention. Isn’t this an awkward moment? Well, who cares, I don’t know them but I was amazed coz they also sang a Birthday song for me. WOW! I will never forget this. Thanks Mr. Hell for this memorable moment.
Let’s go to the next destination. Upon entering Excalibur, you can see some guests taking their privacy at the corner of the room. It's not a peculiar sight for me coz this is a free country. Everyone is free to do whatever they want. So we headed our way on a nearby table to have some booze and then we dance all night while drinking. That was a great experience. We had a great time at the party.

My SILVER day becomes GOLD night.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

… Mama …

While chatting I heard the song “A song for mama” by Boyz II Men and then suddenly my world stopped. I miss my mom so much because I’m so far away from her; she’s in the Philippines right now. So I decided to create a poem for her.


Siyam na buwan akong inalagaan at binitbit sa sinapupunan
Lahat ng hirap at pagtitiis ay iyong pinagdaanan
Sa aking pagsilang, puyat at pagod naman iyong naranasan
Gumigising ka ng maaga upang ako’y mapagbigyan

Nalulungkot ka kapag ako’y nasasaktan
Pinipilit akong pasiyahin sa aking kabiguan
Salamat sa mga payo mo’t ang dami kong natutunan
Ikaw ang dahilan kaya ang hamon ay aking nakakayanan

Ikaw ang nagbibigay sakin ng lakas ng loob
At ang aking inspirasyon upang makayanan ang mga pagsubok
Ako’y nagpapasalamat sa Diyos at ikaw ay ipinagkaloob
Na maging aking ina dito sa mundong bilog

Buhay ko ay hindi sapat na kabayaran
Sa pagmamahal at pagaaruga na sa akin ay ipinaramdam
Wala na akong hihilingin pa na ano man
Basta’t andyan kalang, lahat ay kaya kong pagdaanan

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

… Rui Di …

Jack gave “Rui Di” as my Chinese name which means "fast" and "strong". He told me that Chinese name is based on the pronunciation of your real name but I’m confused because his Chinese name is “Wanlong”. I don’t know how did he come up with his chinese name. Anyway it’s ok coz maybe there are some other rules to follow but at least I have one.

Monday, October 6, 2008

… Pumpkin Festival …

I’m wearing an orange t-shirt which complements the color of the pumpkins...hahaha...

… Apple Picking …

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

... Atche ...

Ate Mhon, Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

Thank you for all the food you cooked, for the guidance and for taking care of us. We love you and I miss you so much.

See you soon!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

... Darling ...

Darling, Happy 18th Birthday.

Friday, October 3, 2008

... Tropical Party ...

Received an email from Rachie regarding Emir’s farewell party coz he will go back to ODC. Yahoo!!! Friday night will not be spoiled.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

… Hitch …

While waiting for my other carpool buddies, Vangie offered a hitch and told me that she will drive me home. Cool!!! But before she sends me home, we went to their place to show me their apartment. WOW!!! They have nice apartment and big living room, conducive for watching…hehehe… We also dropped-by to Wal-Mart to buy some supplies and Target to buy thermal pants, unfortunately there’s no available thermal pants yet. Ok, better luck next time.

Thanks for the hitch Vanjz!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

… Shoe Addict …

I just bought my leather black and blue Aldo shoes last Sunday and I bought another 2 pairs of shoes last night; my personalized chucks at Converse and other ALDO white shoes as a gift for myself on my birthday.